The backbone of the economic system in the United States has been the propensity of accredited investors to invest in new business ventures that spur new technologies, new sciences and support the dreams of the country's entrepreneurs.

The capital provided by these investors has fueled the American economy, whether investing in Henry Ford's horseless carriage or Mark Zuckerberg's idea of how to use new and exciting technologies.

The purpose of this website is to educate and inform accredited investors on the rules, regulations and potential risks in making private placement investments.

SEC’s New Amendments to the Accredited Investor Definition: Well Meaning Exercise of Power that Usurps an Investor’s Right to Make Investment Decisions
The SEC published a release in July 2019 expanding the definition of an accredited investor. The proposal is called, “Amending the ‘Accredited Investor’ Definition”. This proposal attempts to define a...
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