SEC’s New Amendments to the Accredited Investor Definition: Well Meaning Exercise of Power that Usurps an Investor’s Right to Make Investment Decisions
The SEC published a release in July 2019 expanding the definition of an accredited investor. The proposal is called, “Amending the ‘Accredited Investor’ Definition”. This proposal attempts to define and expand those investors who can take part in investing in securities that are n...
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During the last few months the Securities & Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) have made another major move against the capital formation process for Micro-Cap Stocks traded in the Over the Counter (OTC) Market.

What To Know When Investing in IPOs - Part II

What To Know When Investing in IPOs - Part II

What to Know When Investing in IPOs - Part 1

What to Know When Investing in IPOs - Part 1

What regulation tells me how much I can invest????

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) established a SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies since they were asked to review the definition of an "accredited investor" as required by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

A Tree Grew on Wall Street - Damon D Testaverde

On May 17, 1792, twenty‐four brokers got together to sign an agreement that was the framework that established the New York Stock Exchange. They met outside of 68 Wall Street under a Sycamore Tree  whose specific type is called Buttonwood.

Rocky Mountain High “The New Cannabis Industry”

The potential economic return of investing in the cannabis industry is significant. However, the current value placed on most of these companies is completely overblown and you have to be smoking something to invest at the current market caps of many of these securities.

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